Tyres & Brake FAQ in Adelaide


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I tell the age of a tyre?
All tyres are produced with a serial tyre identification number that shows the manufacture date of a tyre. The last three digits (for tyres made before 2000) or four digits (for post-2000 tyres) of the serial number indicate the week and year that the tyre was made. Also, a tyre made in the 1990s can be distinguished from a tyre made in the 1980s due to a triangular indentation after the last number.
How old is 'too old' for a tyre?
Is your tyre pressure OK?
Do you have enough grip on your tyres?
How's your spare?
Are the tyres worn evenly?
How can I get the most out of my fuel?
What causes tyre failures on motorhomes and caravans?
When should tyres be rotated?
Why should you rotate your tyres?
What are some warning signs for bad tyres?
What are UTQG ratings?
How do UTQG ratings relate to Australian drivers?
Where do I find UTQG ratings?

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